All Organic

Choosing your e cigarette juice can be confusing with all companies and ingredients. Relax, Sejuiced is an All organic juice made out of VG , flavoring, and Nicotine if requested. We use pharmaceutical and USP Grade ingredients to maximize the quality of our liquid.


Propylene Glycol is a synthetic chemical, Vegetable glycerin is derived from plants. We Prefer VG because some people have allergies or sensitivity reactions to PG. If you experience throat dryness or other adverse reactions when using a PG- based Liquid , you'll want to switch to an ALL VG e liquid ( ALL ORGANIC) immediately to avoid any health issues. In addition , VG based liquid taste little sweeter and produces little thicker vape than the PG mix. We take pride of our juice and we support ALL ORGANIC e liquids. Make the healthier choice . SEJUICED


Signature Line

For all you cloud chasers that crave some of the PG , we launched this line to give you max VG with minimal PG possible. We used Custard base on our trio signature line to make it one of the creamiest mixes out there. If you like vanilla, custard and caramel you will definitely love this line. It is 100%VG base with 80/20 VG/PG Flavor. The overall PG in the bottle is less than 8.2% PG.

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