Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including Acrylamide, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov



Our Sejuiced Classic Line offers you max vapor production with very minimum throat hit. For this line we have increased the flavoring concentration to substitute most of the PG.

The Sejuiced Classic line includes Cowboy Red for those full tobacco flavor lovers and Cowboy Menthol for those who crave a full tobacco flavor with a hint of mint. These Flavors have revolutionized the market for creating a great substitution for those seeking a steer from smoking a daily cigarette.

Smooth Ice, an icy mint bubble gum take and Peppermint a classic cool aromatic mint flavor.

These flavors come available to you in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg Nicotine levels.

Sizes Include:  30ml, 60ml and 120ml glass bottles.



COWBOY RED – Full Tobacco Blend
COWBOY MENTHOL – Full Tobacco Blend with a hint of mint
PEPPERMINT – Aromatic Cool mint flavor
SMOOTH ICE – Smooth Minty Bubble gum

Signature Line

If you love Vanilla and Caramel custards, then you will definitely love our Sejuiced Signature line.

This trio line with max VG provides a smooth delicate taste to help create the perfect aromatic cloud.

Fancy, Naughty and Dolce are available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg Nicotine levels.

Sizes:  30ml, 60ml and 120ml glass bottles.



FANCY: Vanilla Custard
NAUGHTY: Salted Caramel candy, Vanilla custard and Peanut Butter.
DOLCE: Apple pie topped with Vanilla ice cream and syrup.


Angry Vapors

If sweet and sour is your thing, then Angry Vapors is for you. With the right mix of tangerine, lime and berries we’ve managed to create a sour yet sweet e-liquid that will surely have you wanting more.

Breezy Island, Chucky, Fire and Ice Bird are available in 0mg, 3mg and 6 mg.

Sizes: 30ml, 60ml and 120ml glass bottles.


FIRE: Strawberry, Blueberry and Cherry Flavors.
CHUCKY: Pastry cake filled with cream and sugar with a hint of lemon.
BREEZY ISLAND:  Hawaiian mix of blood Oranges, Strawberries and Coconut.
ICE BIRD: Gummies dipped in Tangerine, Nectarines and a hint of Lemon.

The Macarons Man

The Macaroons Man a line that takes after the decadent flavor of a French Baked Macaroon cookie will have you clouding your way to Paris and back.

Elvis, Captain Berry, Party Time, Salted Caramel Strawberry and Pineapple Mango come available in 0mg. 3mg, and 6mg Nicotine levels.

Sizes: 30ml, 60ml and 120ml glass bottles.


CAPTAIN BERRY: Crunch cereal cookie filled with Blueberries and cream
PARTY TIME: Pink Raspberry buttercream with Almond.
ELVIS: Banana nut filling with Caramel
PINEAPPLE MANGO: Sweet Mango and Pineapple yogurt filling
SALTED CARAMEL STRAWBERRY: Salted caramel Strawberry filled with custard


LUCKY: Strawberry Milkshake, Marshmallows and fruity flavors.
EL CHAPO: Warm, fresh out of the oven cinnamon swirl topped with vanilla ice cream.
JACK AND APPLES: Green apples with cinnamon and milk.
KRISPY: Rice Krispies dipped in melted marshmallows.
HONEY: Vanilla Ice Cream dipped in milk and honey.


There is nothing better than enjoying the taste of your favorite cereal any time of the day, for this reason we have created MILKEEBUNZ a complete line of Gourmet Cereal Flavor E-Liquid to relieve those taste buds.

Lucky, El Chapo, Honey, Jack and Apples and Krispy have all the right servings of milk and sweetness to accommodate your cravings any time of the day.

Available in: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg Nicotine Levels.

Sizes: 30ml, 60ml and 120ml glass bottles.

Soft Spot

Sweet tooth? Well SOFT SPOT will be your trip to the candy shop.  These 4 delicious flavors take after your favorite candy whether you want to suck or chew.

Bubbly, Taffy, Gummy and Hotty are available in 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg Nicotine Levels.

SIZES: 30ml, 60ml and 120ml glass bottles.


GUMMY: Fruity Gummi flavor
BUBBLY: Strawberry bubble gum
HOTTY: Watermelon with a hint of Green Apples
TAFFY: Grape and Strawberry taffy with a hint of cream.

Orgazmic Vapor

Feeling Exotic?  Well pick your favorite position and enjoy ORGAZMIC VAPOR to fulfill your heart’s desire with these exotic fruit blends of berries, mangos and creams.

These 8 delicious flavors come available to you in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg and 18mg Nicotine Levels.

SIZES: 30ml, 60ml and 120ml glass bottles.


REVERSE COWGIRL: Tobacco blend with a hint of Orange Cream
ROCKING HORSE: Pink Champagne with a hint of Watermelon and Raspberries
CROUCHING TIGER: Fruits with Milk
G-SPOT: Sour Green Apples with Watermelon and Berries
GLOWING TRIANGLE: Peach, Mango and Berries with Cream
MAGIC MOUNTAIN: Raspberries, Blueberries with a hint of Mint
RECLINING LOTUS: Watermelon, Lime and Kiwi mix
THE NIRVANA: Strawberry Malt with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


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